Business/Office Technology Diploma

The 36-37 credit hour Business/Office Technology Diploma meets the needs of employees in the clerical field by developing specific skills to assure job-entry competency.

Plan of Study Grid
First Semester
FallCredit Hours
BSAD 1170 Business English 3.0
BSAD 2500 Business Mathematics 3.0
BSAD 2510 Business Computer Systems 3.0
BSAD 2560 Information Management 3.0
CSCE 1480 Input Keyboard Technology II 3.0
Electives (BSAD, CSCE, or INFO) 3.0
 Credit Hours18.0
Second Semester
ACCT 1025
Introduction to Accounting
or Principles of Accounting I
BSAD 1070 Customer Service 3.0
BSAD 2250 Business Communications 3.0
BSAD 2570 MS Office Integration 3.0
BSAD 2580 Administrative Proc & Mgmt 3.0
Electives (BSAD, CSCE, or INFO) 3.0
 Credit Hours18.0
 Total Credit Hours36.0

This diploma may span two or more semesters