Associate of Science

General Education Requirements

Communication - 9 Credit Hours

English Composition - 6 credit hours

ENGL 1010English Composition I3.0
ENGL 1020English Composition II3.0
or BSAD 2250 Business Communications

Speech - 3 credit hours

Select one of the following:

SPCH 1090Fund of Human Communication3.0
SPCH 1110Public Speaking3.0

Humanities and Social Sciences - 9-12 Credit Hours

Select three or four of the following:


ENGL 2040Drama3.0
ENGL 206020th Century Fiction3.0
ENGL 2100Introduction to Literature3.0
ENGL 2170American Literature since 18653.0
ENGL 2450Television as Literature3.0
ENGL 2510Science Fiction - Supernatural Lit3.0
ENGL 2550Short Fiction3.0
THEA 2130History of Motion Picture3.0

 Performing and Fine Arts

ARTS 1000Art Structure3.0
ARTS 1010Introduction to the Visual Arts3.0
ARTS 1050Intro to Art History & Criticism I3.0
ARTS 1060Intro to Art History & Criticism II3.0
ARTS 1070Design3.0
MUSC 1010Music Appreciation3.0
THEA 1010Intro to Theater3.0


PHIL 1010Introduction to Philosophy3.0
PHIL 1150Intro to Logic & Critical Thinking3.0
PHIL 2200Elements of Ethics3.0
PHIL 2610Comparative Religions3.0


HIST 1000Western Civilization I to 17153.0
HIST 1010Western Civilization II Since 17153.0
HIST 1050World History I3.0
HIST 1060World History II3.0
HIST 2010American History I to 18773.0
HIST 2020American History II Since 18773.0

 Economics/Geography/Political Science

ECON 1000Contemporary Economic Issues3.0
ECON 2110Principles of Macroeconomics3.0
ECON 2120Principles of Microeconomics3.0
GEOG 1020World Regional Geography3.0
GEOG 1400Cultural Geography3.0
POLS 1000American Government3.0
POLS 1600International Relations3.0
POLS 1700Comparative Politics3.0


FACS 1600Human Development3.0
PSYC 1810Intro to Psychology3.0
PSYC 2060Lifespan Development3.0
PSYC 2700Positive Psychology3.0
PSYC 2800Abnormal Psychology3.0
SOCI 1010Intro to Sociology3.0
SOCI 2010Social Problems3.0
SOCI 2150Exploring Unity & Diversity3.0
SOCI 2250Marriage & Fam Relationships3.0


FREN 1010French I5.0
FREN 1020French II5.0
FREN 2010French III3.0
FREN 2020French IV3.0
HUMS 1100Introduction to Humanities3.0
SPAN 1010Elementary Spanish I5.0
SPAN 1020Elementary Spanish II5.0
SPAN 2010Intermediate Spanish I3.0
SPAN 2020Intermediate Spanish II3.0

Natural Sciences & Mathematics - 15-17 Credit Hours

Students will select either two courses from Lab Science and one course from Mathematics OR one course from Lab Science and two courses from Mathematics.  All additional courses can come from Lab Science, Mathematics, or Non-Lab Science.

Lab Science

AGRI 1030Introduction to Plant Science4.0
AGRI 1540Introduction to Soil Science4.0
BIOS 1010General Biology4.0
BIOS 1020Cell Biology4.0
BIOS 1090General Botany4.0
BIOS 1120Intro to Zoology4.0
BIOS 1210Ecology/Environment w/Lab4.0
BIOS 2140Genetics4.0
BIOS 2250Human Anatomy/Physiology I4.0
BIOS 2260Human Anatomy & Physiology II4.0
BIOS 2460Microbiology4.0
CHEM 1050Survey of Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 1060Survey of Chemistry II4.0
CHEM 1090General Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 1100General Chemistry II4.0
CHEM 2510Organic Chemistry I4.0
CHEM 2520Organic Chemistry II4.0
Physics/Physical Science
GEOG 1050Physical Geography4.0
PHYS 1020Astronomy4.0
PHYS 1100Physical Science4.0
PHYS 1150Descriptive Physics4.0
PHYS 1300Intro to Meteorology4.0
PHYS 1410Elementary General Physics I5.0
PHYS 1420Elementary General Physics II5.0
PHYS 2110General Physics I with Calculus5.0
PHYS 2120General Physics II with Calculus5.0


MATH 1150College Algebra3.0
MATH 1250Trigonometry3.0
MATH 1350Applied Calculus3.0
MATH 1600Calculus I and Analytic Geometry5.0
MATH 1900Calculus II and Analytic Geometry5.0
MATH 2000Modern Elem School Math I3.0
MATH 2100Modern Elem School Math II3.0
MATH 2170Applied Statistics3.0
MATH 2450Calculus III and Analytic Geometry5.0
MATH 2600Differential Equations3.0

Non-Lab Science

BIOS 1060Birds of Nebraska2.0
BIOS 1100Basic Anatomy & Physiology3.0
BIOS 1200Ecology/Environment3.0
BIOS 1400Intro to Nutrition3.0
BIOS 2120Genetics3.0
BIOS 2500Scientific Research Experience2.0
Physics/Physical Science
PHYS 1350Severe Weather3.0
General Education Requirements for the AS33.0-38.0
Total Credit Hours60.0