Accounting, AAS

Program Description

The Mid-Plains Community College Associate of Applied Science in Business with an emphasis in Accounting prepares students for various entry-level positions in the field of accounting.

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities with this degree may include the following:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Clerks
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Bill and account collectors
  • Statement clerks
  • Credit authorizers
  • Financial, branch or department Managers
  • New account clerks
  • Payroll and timekeeping clerks

Associate of Applied Science Degree Business

Accounting Emphasis

Suggested Sequence of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Semester
FallCredit Hours
ACCT 1200 Principles of Accounting I 3.0
BSAD 1050 Introduction to Business 3.0
BSAD 1100 Personal Finance 3.0
BSAD 2250 Business Communications 3.0
CSCE 1644 Microsoft Excel 1.5
CSCE 1647 Microsoft Excel, Advanced (Only offered in the Fall) 1.5
 Credit Hours15.0
Second Semester
ACCT 1210 Principles of Accounting II 3.0
BSAD 1010 Personal/Professional Development 3.0
BSAD 1030 Business & Professional Speaking 3.0
BSAD 2510 Business Computer Systems 3.0
BSAD 2540 Principles of Management 3.0
 Credit Hours15.0
Third Semester
ACCT 2130 Intermediate Accounting (Only offered in the Fall) 3.0
BSAD 2500 Business Mathematics 3.0
BSAD 2520 Principles of Marketing 3.0
BSAD 2710 Business Law I 3.0
CSCE 1567 QuickBooks Online 3.0
 Credit Hours15.0
Fourth Semester
ACCT 1010 Payroll Accounting (Only offered in the Spring) 2.0
ACCT 2020 Income Tax Acct for Individuals (Only offered in the Spring) 3.0
ACCT 2170 Cost Accounting (Only offered in the Spring) 3.0
BSAD 2745 Business Internship 5.0
ECON 2120 Principles of Microeconomics 3.0
 Credit Hours16.0
 Total Credit Hours61.0

Course work in business, foreign language, economics, real estate, psychology, sociology, government, composition, statistics, information technology and cultural diversity would complement the business program. Please see the list of electives below.

Electives List

ACCT 1010Payroll Accounting2.0
ACCT 1210Principles of Accounting II3.0
ACCT 2020Income Tax Acct for Individuals3.0
ACCT 2130Intermediate Accounting3.0
ACCT 2170Cost Accounting3.0
AGRI 1410Intro to Ag-Economics3.0
AGRI 1745Agribusiness & Food Marketing3.0
AGRI 2040Farm & Ranch Management4.0
AGRI 2041Farm & Ranch Management Lab0.0
BSAD 1060Introduction to Sports Management3.0
BSAD 1070Customer Service3.0
BSAD 1100Personal Finance3.0
BSAD 1110Introduction to Events Management3.0
BSAD 1500Leadership Behavior1.5
BSAD 2000Intro to Leadership Concepts3.0
BSAD 2010Principles of Selling3.0
BSAD 2020Leadership Development3.0
BSAD 2050Strategic Planning and Leadership3.0
BSAD 2060Intro Sports Facilities Management3.0
BSAD 2100Organizational Behavior3.0
BSAD 2370Digital Marketing3.0
BSAD 2520Principles of Marketing3.0
BSAD 2540Principles of Management3.0
BSAD 2560Information Management3.0
BSAD 2570MS Office Integration3.0
BSAD 2580Administrative Proc & Mgmt3.0
BSAD 2720Business Law II3.0
CSCEAny CSCE course approved by the business advisor and business & technology faculty
ECON 1000Contemporary Economic Issues3.0
ECON 2110Principles of Macroeconomics3.0
ECON 2120Principles of Microeconomics3.0
ENGL 1010English Composition I3.0
ENTR 2040Entrepreneurship Feasibility Study3.0
ENTR 2050Marketing for the Entrepreneur3.0
ENTR 2090Entrepreneurship Business Plan3.0
INFOAny INFO course approved by the business advisor and business faculty
PSYC 1810Intro to Psychology3.0
SOCI 1000Human Relations: People Skills3.0
SOCI 1010Intro to Sociology3.0
SOCI 2150Exploring Unity & Diversity3.0
SPAN 1010Elementary Spanish I5.0
WARE 1100Introduction to Logistics3.0
WARE 1200Global Logistics3.0
WARE 1250Transportation Logistics3.0
WARE 2150Supply Chain Management3.0
WARE 2400Purchasing Logistics3.0