Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Diploma

The Diploma is intended for students who want hands-on skills and job knowledge for service and installation employment. Students will complete the required courses for the fall, spring and summer terms of the HVAC program for a total of 45 semester credit hours. Students seeking the Diploma option should plan on 8 credit hours for internships for this award.

Plan of Study Grid
First Semester
FallCredit Hours
HVAC 1005 Safety 1.0
HVAC 1315 Electrical Theory 3.5
HVAC 1320 Electrical Applications Lab 1.0
HVAC 1330 Sheetmetal Installation 3.0
HVAC 1340 Furnace Fundamentals 4.0
HVAC 1350 Furnace Fundamentals Lab 3.0
HVAC 1360 Fall Internship 1.5
EMTL 1310 American Heart First Aid Plus 0.5
 Credit Hours17.5
Second Semester
HVAC 1410 A/C Cycle Theory 3.0
HVAC 1425 A/C Cycle Lab 2.0
HVAC 1435 A/C Controls Theory 3.0
HVAC 1440 A/C Controls Lab 1.0
HVAC 1445 A/C Apps Refrigerant/Rec 4.0
HVAC 1460 A/C Applications Lab 1.0
HVAC 1475 Heat Pumps Theory 3.0
HVAC 1480 Heat Pumps Lab 1.0
HVAC 1400 Spring Internship 1.5
 Credit Hours19.5
Third Semester
Select one of the following internship courses: 8.0
Comm Refrigeration Elec Mechanical
and Comm Refrigeration Elec Mech Lab
 Credit Hours8.0
 Total Credit Hours45.0

HVAC 1005 Safety  is a prerequisite for all HVAC classes, except night classes.