Electrical Technology Diploma

Purpose: Diploma option is for students who want only “hands-on” training in the Electrical Technology field. Students must complete the 45 credit hours of the Electrical Technology Program courses listed below for the fall, spring, and summer terms.

Plan of Study Grid
First Semester
FallCredit Hours
ELTR 1005 Safety 1.0
ELTR 1115 Direct Current Theory 4.0
ELTR 1130 Alt Current Theory 4.0
ELTR 1150 Applied Math 2.0
ELTR 1255 Residential Wiring 6.0
EMTL 1310 American Heart First Aid Plus 0.5
 Credit Hours17.5
Second Semester
ELTR 1200 Construction Wiring 9.5
ELTR 1235 Electric Motor Control 8.0
 Credit Hours17.5
Third Semester
Select one of the following courses: 10.0
Industrial Controls
and Advanced Construction Wiring
Electrical Technology Internship
 Credit Hours10.0
 Total Credit Hours45.0

ELTR 1005 Safety is a prerequisite for all Electrical Technology classes, except night classes.

Test out options may be available to meet course prerequisite requirements.