Building Construction Technology

Program Description

The Building Construction Technology Program provides skills and training necessary for employment in the areas of residential and light commercial construction.

Students may earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree, Diploma - 45.5 Credit Hours, or certificates (Framing and Exterior Construction and Building Construction).

Career Opportunities

Graduates may consider employment as carpenters, building inspectors, construction materials salespersons, framers, roofers or cabinetmakers. Self-employment/business ownership is also a possibility.

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of safety hazards involved with the building construction industry.
  • Possess knowledge to perform tasks of entry level building construction employment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of personal and work characteristics that contribute to effective job performance.
  • Use effective communication skills appropriate to the building construction industry.
  • Apply building theory to the construction of single and multiple family dwellings.
  • Use mathematical data and reasoning skills appropriate to the construction field.
  • Possess a basic understanding of the Uniform Building Code and have the ability to use code resources

BLDC 1005 Safety is a prerequisite for all Building Construction classes, except night classes.