Music Certificate

Students can complete the courses below to earn a certificate in Music.  

Plan of Study Grid
First Semester
FallCredit Hours
MUSC 1010 Music Appreciation (Can be taken in either Fall or Spring) 3.0
MUSC 1050
Concert Choir
or Jazz Band
MUSC 1300 Music Theory I 3.0
MUSC 1400 Piano Techniques I 1.0
MUSC 1960 Sight Singing & Ear Training I 1.0
Applied Lessons for Majors I 2.0
 Credit Hours11.0
Second Semester
MUSC 1310 Music Theory II 3.0
MUSC 1410 Piano Techniques II 1.0
MUSC 1970 Sight Singing & Ear Training II 1.0
MUSC 1100
Jazz Band
or Concert Choir
Applied Lessons for Majors II 2.0
 Credit Hours8.0
 Total Credit Hours19.0