Pre-Mortuary Science

In conjunction with local funeral homes and the State of Nebraska, MPCC has created a pathway for those students interested in the field of Mortuary Science.  Below is a suggested sequence of study for those students interested in pursing a career in Mortuary Science.  The courses below would meet all requirements for the Associate of Science Degree at MPCC and fulfill licensure requirements through the State of Nebraska to then enter a full course of instruction at an Accredited Mortuary Science school.

Suggested Sequence of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Semester
FallCredit Hours
ENGL 1010 English Composition I 3.0
MATH 1150 College Algebra 3.0
PSYC 1810 Intro to Psychology 3.0
SPCH 1110 Public Speaking 3.0
Elective 3.0
 Credit Hours15.0
Second Semester
BIOS 1010
BIOS 1011
General Biology
and General Biology Lab
ENGL 1020 English Composition II 3.0
PSYC 2060 Lifespan Development 3.0
Electives 6.0
 Credit Hours16.0
Third Semester
ACCT 1200 Principles of Accounting I 3.0
BIOS 2250
BIOS 2251
Human Anatomy/Physiology I
and Human Anatomy/Physiology I Lab
Select one of the following: 4.0
Survey of Chemistry I
and Survey of Chemistry I Lab
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
Humanities/Social Science Elective 3.0
 Credit Hours14.0
Fourth Semester
ACCT 1210 Principles of Accounting II 3.0
BIOS 2260
BIOS 2261
Human Anatomy &/Physiology II
and Human Anatomy/Physiology II Lab
Select one of the following: 4.0
Survey of Chemistry II
and Survey of Chemistry II Lab
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
Electives 4.0
 Credit Hours15.0
 Total Credit Hours60.0