Tuition and Fee Discounts

18-County Discount

The 18-County Waiver Program was developed to provide a room waiver to new and returning full-time students that live in our 18-County service area. This acts an incentive to live on campus while attending North Platte Community College. For more information, contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life at 308-535-3762.

Spring Beginnings Discount

The Spring Beginnings program targets students new to MPCC during the Spring Semester and who are seeking to live on campus. Accepted students will be offered a housing discount. For more information on North Platte Community College, contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life at 308-535-3762. For more information in McCook, contact the Director of Residence Life at 308-345-8177.

Academic Advising

Careful planning is essential when taking courses to complete a program, earn a two-year degree, or transfer to a four-year college. Professional advisors and faculty advisors are available throughout the year to help students with educational planning. Students are assigned an advisor in their area of interest during the admissions process. Advisors can be changed at any time. MPCC requires an advisor's signature before registering for classes for the first time. Advisor signatures may continue to be needed for certain programs and/or classes. Students may also talk confidentially with an advisor about academic difficulties.

Guide Sheets

Information on MPCC diplomas and degrees is available on each campus as well as on CampusWeb. In addition, transfer guide sheets are available and list MPCC courses appropriate for specific majors at many other colleges and universities.

Preparing For Transfer

It is important for students to know whether the courses they are registering for meet the degree requirements of the institution to which they intend to transfer. Transfer planning starts with initial registration at MPCC and continues until the student's graduation. Professional advisors and faculty advisors assist students in planning the appropriate classes for registration.

Transfer Reminders: Many colleges will accept only classes with a grade of "C" or better. Most colleges will not transfer more than 66 credits from a two-year college. Courses with a prefix of less than 1000 are considered to be developmental and do not transfer.

Student Records

The MPCC Registrar is the custodian of student records. Inquiries pertaining to student records may be made in person at any MPCC Welcome Center, by emailing, or by calling 308-535-3774.

Requesting Transcripts

Go to the Parchment website, MPCC's secure official transcript provider, to request official transcripts. 
The first time you request transcripts online, you will need to create an identity using the "Create Account" link.
If you have already created a Parchment identity (for example, while attending high school in Nebraska or during a previous visit to the Parchment site), simply enter your Parchment username and password. Then select the "Learners and Parents" sign-in button. 
The cost of official transcripts depends upon the mode of delivery (electronic, paper, or expedited paper). Payment is made with a debit or credit card. If you experience any difficulty submitting your online transcript request, contact Registration & Records through one of the following modes:
      1.  e-mail, 
      2.  call 308-535-3774, or
      3.  visit a campus Welcome Center.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Students who have attended college elsewhere should have their official transcripts forwarded to Registration and Records at 1205 East Third St., McCook, NE 69001, before starting school to have previous coursework evaluated.