Academic Calendar

Date                                        Event
August 7-18                             Fall Intersession
August 14-18                           Faculty Prep Days/Work Week Activities
August 17                                Residence Hall Check-In
August 18                                New Student Orientation
August 21                                Fall Classes Begin
September 3-4                         Labor Day Holiday - No Classes/College Closed
October 6                                 All College Enrichment - No Classes
October 14                               1st Eight Week Classes End
October 15                               2nd Eight Week Classes Begin
November 22                           Faculty Work Day - No Classes/College Closes at 3:00 p.m.

November 23-26                      Thanksgiving Holiday - No Classes

December 11-14                      Final Exam Days
December 11                           Winterim Classes Begin
December 15                           Faculty Work Day
December 15                           Residence Halls Close for Winter Break
December 22                           College Closes at 3:00 p.m.
December 23-January 1           Winter Holiday Break - Campuses Closed

January 2                                 Campuses Reopen
January 8-12                            Faculty Prep Days/Work Week Activities
January 14                               Residence Halls Reopen
January 14                               Spring Classes Begin
March 9                                    1st Eight Week Classes End
March 17                                  2nd Eight Week Classes Begin
March 11-15                             Spring Break - No Classes
March 31                                  College Closed
May 6-9                                    Final Exam Days
May 10                                     Commencement
May 13-15                                Faculty Work Days
May 13                                     Three-Week Interim Classes Begin
May 26-27                                Memorial Day Holiday - College Closed
May 30                                     Three-Week Interim Classes End
June 3                                      1st Four-Week, Six-Week, & Eight-Week Session Classes Begin
June 27                                    1st Four-Week Session Classes End
July 1                                        2nd Four-Week Session Classes Begin
July 3-4                                     Independence Day Holiday - College Closed
July 11                                      Six-Week Session Classes End
July 26                                      2nd Four-Week & Eight-Week Session Classes End

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